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Welcome to LifeWave (1.5 min):

Patching best practices (7 min):


LifeWave Technology Training (deeper dive into what each patch does!):
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LifeWave Business Training (for builders):
Watch the short training videos below for exactly what to focus on when building your business. But first, whether you're using and sharing LifeWave's patented products as a customer or building a rewarding business, let's make sure you're set up to get paid. Take a moment to set up eWallet in your back office. Once you do, any referral bonuses or business volume (BV) commissions will be instantly transferred to you automatically on a WEEKLY basis. It's awesome!

As a reminder, referral bonuses are paid upon referrals' enrollment as follows:

  • Refer a Silver = $50
  • Refer a Gold = $100
  • Refer a Platinum = $150 ($300, if you're a Diamond!)
  • Refer a Diamond = $200 ($500, if you're a Diamond!)

To also qualify for business volume (BV) commissions, you need at least one active Silver on each leg. 

  • 1 active Silver on each leg = up to $100/week (based on BV)
  • Become Manager (2 active Silvers on each leg) = up to $1,500/week (based on BV)

See full compensation plan, including up to $25,000/week as a Senior Presidential Director. 

LifeWave Business Training VIDEOS:
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